New Pieces Recently Finished

Experimenting with new Sub-straights

I still have been painting on synthetic paper, which needs to be framed under glass or acrylic, but I wanted to try pieces that would not have to be under glass.  When starting I was not sure how the inks would work on some of the standard artist sub-straight, so I have been experimenting.

Inks on canvas

Normally I paint on synthetic paper, which is non-porous so the inks "float" on top.  This makes it difficult to control the inks but also allows for some great effects.

I tried different painting sub-straights with different results.  I discovered 2 that I am very happy with and will continue to paint on.

The first is a canvas specially treated for watercolor and mixed media artist.  Stellar Nursery was painted on one of these canvas.  The finished painting was varnished first with a UV protected acrylic finish then a top coat of acrylic gloss varnish was applied.


Urban Blooms   - ink on gessoed wood panel

Urban Blooms - ink on gessoed wood panel

Stellar Nursery   - Ink on canvas

Stellar Nursery - Ink on canvas

Ice Comet   - ink on gessoed wood panel

Ice Comet - ink on gessoed wood panel

The second sub-straight I am pleased with is a wood panel than has been gessoed with an ultra smooth finish.  Both Urban Blooms and Ice Comet were painted on this.  When completed these were also varnished first with a UV protected acrylic finish then a top coat of acrylic gloss varnish was applied.

Hey, check out where I'll be this summer.....


What exactly is a juried art show?


It's important to understand that there are craft shows and art shows and they are not the same.  The majority of art shows and art festivals the artist must jury to be accepted into the show.  This means that the artist must go through a rigorous process of auditioning to be allowed to present their artwork at the event.  The majority of art shows require than an artist jury each year, once an artist is accepted there is no guarantee that they will be accepted again the following year. 

The artist must also pay a fee in order to audition for each show.  These fees can vary from new shows to starting out as low as $10 to the well-established shows costing $35 to $45.  The fees used to pay artists to judge the submitted work.  If an artist is not accepted that fee is not refunded if an artist is accepted that he is not applied to the booth fee they must pay to attend the show.

In addition to the fee, the artist must submit a certain number of digital images of their artwork, as well as, a digital image of their both.  Any signatures on the artwork or signage in the booth must not be present in the images.

The artist work is judged with a points system.  Points are also given for the booth shoot.  To have a balanced show a predetermined number of arts per category are determined.  For example, if the art show has determined that they can have a total of 10 painters then the painters with the 10 highest points will be invited to participate.

Once accepted the artist has a deadline of which time to return a signed contract and payment to participate.  Fees for doing a standard juried fine art show generally range from 200 to $800 for the show.   The contract sets rules that they must follow in both what types of work they will display and behavior the is expected while participating in the show.  

If the artist does not meet the deadline the next artist with the most points will be invited to participate in the show.

What does the artist receive for their fee?

The artist is provided with a 10 x 10 ft area to set up their booth.  The artist must provide their own tent and all display items, chairs, anything the need to show and sell their art.

The art show also handles marketing for the show but the artists also do their own marketing as well.


Validating the artist and their work

Once at the art show begins a group of jurors will come around validating that what is within the artist booth matches what was submitted by their jury photos.  

There are times unfortunately, that artists have submitted photos for artwork they did not create for the sole purpose of getting into a show.  They then try to pass items they have purchased as their art.  The promoter of the art shows has the right to insist that that artist tear down pack up and leave the show.  

Luckily, it's does not happen very often and it's sad that it does have to happen.  5 or 6 years ago there was quite a large art show in Buffalo New York where 12 Jewelers were required to pack up and leave for having jewelry that was purchased and not made by them.  Fraudulent artists are put on a list that goes out through all the art shows and they will not be accepted into other art shows going forward.  In addition, the true artist to pass the word as well.

Untitled - ink on canvas

Untitled - ink on canvas

Johnson_Booth Shot.jpg
Arrival of Spring

Arrival of Spring

In addition, if an artist is doing a show away from their hometown or perhaps even another other state they have the cost of gas, tolls, hotel and meals.

Over the years I've been surprised how many people assume that the tents are provided and the artist just move in.



I remember the night skies

I remember the night skies something you don't get to see too often these days with all the light pollution.

I grew up in a small town on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest in north western Pennsylvania I grew up out in the country on 10 acres and it night the sky was big dark you could see and count the stars and I took it for granted.

As progress was made over the years light pollution started infiltrating even some of the more remote areas of our world. Now some areas have been designated dark spots to allow people experience what the night sky really looks how ancestors sawn it.

Photography the stars

I’ve gotten to know photographer Kurt Weinhold though the Art in the Wilds Juried Fine Arts how, held in my home town of Kane, Pa.

Kurt is a photographer that does landscapes and Wildlife photography from that area, as well as, dark sky photography.  Kurt lives in the town of Coudersport Pennsylvania which is very close to the Cherry Springs State Park, one of the top dark sky destinations in the world.

Kurt teaches night sky photography classes at Cherry Spring State Park generally about once a month, weather depending, from March or April through November.


Last October 3 of my friends and I headed to my home town for a long weekend in the Wilds of Pennsylvania.  The weekend including taking Kurt's class.

We were pleasantly surprise to discover my mom’s back yard is also a great spot to see the night sky.  I was shocked. I hadn't seen the sky like that since I was a young girl. You see a sawmill moved in down the road many years ago and over the years they kept adding additional flood lighting.  The lighting was like lighting up a football stadium. The light pollution was so intense you could barely make out any stars within the 10 acres of my parent’s small farm. Now that the lights in The Sawmill are out and the night sky had returned.  You can even see the Milky Way with the naked eye. So, one night at 2 in the morning for the 4 of us grabbed our cameras and tripods, set up in the backyard and began taking pictures.

Another night sky photo from Mom's back yard, Kane Pa.

Another night sky photo from Mom's back yard, Kane Pa.

Cherry Spring State Park Pennsylvania - one of my photos taken durning  Kurt Weinhold 's class in Oct. 2017.

Cherry Spring State Park Pennsylvania - one of my photos taken durning Kurt Weinhold's class in Oct. 2017.

Milky Way Galaxy from Mom's back yard, Kane Pa.

Milky Way Galaxy from Mom's back yard, Kane Pa.

Needless to say, I do plan to continue taking some night sky photos up at my parents place and also back on my uncle's farm in the future.

My friends and I do have another photo trip planned up there again this year we're going to continue to perhaps hike some trails in the Allegheny Forest as well as do some night sky photos I'll keep you all posted with any results.


I'll Paint My Own Spring!

Will Spring ever get here?

Well  of course it will but sometimes it feels that way doesn't it?  This winter in the Pittsburgh area has been cancelling and in many other parts of the country.  No, isn't not that we were snowed in, we did get snow.  It was the snow, the large amounts of rain, ice jams on the ruvers, flooding, landslides, more snow, freezing rain, more rain, more flooding, sink holds,.....


I'll just paint my own feeling of Spring.


You Are Invited to a Public Reception


I would like to invite you to a public reception will be held Saturday, April 7, 2-4 pm for the 45th Annual Hoyt Regional at the Hoyt Center for the Arts in New Castle Pa.

While more than 425 works were submitted by artists within a 150 mile radius of the museum, only 73 were selected for the show of which I'm proud to be one.  Cleveland’s Museum of Art Curator of Contemporary Art, Reto Thuring, served as juror.  

The show will remain on display through May 24.  Concurring exhibitions include the Annual New Castle Camera Club show in the Blair Sculpture Walkway and works from the After School Arts program in the Ballroom Gallery.

Joyous Flow.jpg


Tuesday, April 3, 2018 thru Thursday, May 24, 2018

Arts + Education at the Hoyt 124 East Leasure Avenue New Castle, PA, 16101